Maxwell Short has a vision. 

He was an executive in the House Orien Railroad for years and years where he made his fortune. He felt the House Orien lightning rail system was missing something important. All they dealt in was delivering goods and people long distance across the Five Nations. He saw there could be money in something smaller. A system of railroads that connected not far off cities, but different neighborhoods and streets within a single city. 

He first moved his company to Karth, the Capitol of Karnath, where his offices were burnt down by the Emerald Claw. He assumed it was because he had not paid the protection money they had asked for. He thinks they asked for protection money. He knows someone did, and he knows that he didn't pay it. Seeing as how the Emerald Claw were the ones who burnt his facility to the ground, he may have inferred a thing or two. 

He moved out to the untamed wilds of The L'Hazaar Principalities to create a system of rails. With a bit of luck, some innovation, and the help of a few adventuring types maybe he'll make something great.

Maxwell Short's Railroad Company

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