Maxwell Short's Railroad Company

Doje Mayweather Dead

A Front Page Story in the Regalport Privateer

Doje Douglass Mayweather died three days ago on the Second of January, 998 YK. He was seventy eight years old. He was on a peace making voyage to the troll tribes in the Frostfall with his son Arnold Mayweather and heir apparent grandson Samuel. Their fleet was caught in a storm and their flagship, The Dusty Matron, was run aground on a rock outcropping. Only thirteen of the the two hundred and seven crew members of The Dusty Matron survived. There are unconfirmed reports from surviving crew members that bright sickly green lights were seen on the ship during the sinking. The bodies of Douglass, Arnold, and Samuel Mayweather were not recovered in the wreckage. 

Doje Mayweather is most well known for uniting the nine princes of the Lhazaar Principalities into a confederation forty two years ago for mutual defense during The Last War. He was well beloved in his home city of Regalport and across the principalities as a strong and benevolent leader.

He is survived by his wife Beatrice, and his two step sons Roland and James. Beatrice has named herself Princess of Regalport and Doje of the Principalities. Prince Ryleh of Tantamar has released a statement not recognizing the ascent to the title of Doje pending a forthcoming meeting of the nine princes. 



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