Maxwell Short's Railroad Company

Mortuary Island Burns, Adventurer's Haunt Raided

A Front Page Story in the Regalport Privateer

Last Wednesday night, March 28th, just before midnight, a large fire was seen on Mortuary Island. This comes three months after the death of Doje Mayweather. He, his son, his grandson, and close to two hundred sailors were killed under mystery circumstances in the Frost Fall. His wife, Beatrice Mayweather, took on the office of the Doje.

Mortuary Island is in Regalport Harbor and has on it nearly one hundred thousand grave sites and Mausoleums. It has been used as a graveyard by the people of the Principalities for thousands of years. Also on the Island is the Old Varagyr Fort, the former home of the Varagyr who were the personal guard of the Doje of Regalport. The Varagyr most recently left the service of Doje after Doje Mayweather’s death. One of Doje Beatrice Mayweather’s first acts was to close Mortuary Island to the public and cancel all funeral services citing overcrowding.

The fire engulfed the main mausoleum of Mortuary Island and spread to the rest of the island. The fires were put out two days later. Four hours after the fire began, the Bar and Barber, a local tavern and barber shop frequented by adventuring types, was raided by the Metropolitan Police and the Doje’s Endless. The Doje’s office released a statement blaming the fire on partisan forces of Prince Ryleh. The raid on the bar by the Endless was in pursuit of the culprits. The Doje did not comment on whether anyone was apprehended in the raid, though they did say that two metropolitan police officers and three civilians were killed and an undisclosed number of Endless were destroyed.

Manuel d’Jorasco, the owner of the Bar and Barber, said in a statement “I was not there at the time of the raid and have no knowledge of any illegal or partisan activity in my establishment. I firmly believe that all my patrons are upstanding and law abiding persons in the greater community of Regalport. I hope that whoever started the fires on Mortuary Island be brought to whatever justice they deserve, but I have no reason to believe that any of the adventuring parties that frequent my bar were responsible.” It is the opinion of this publication that he is not lying.



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