Maxwell Short's Railroad Company

It Always Starts in a Bar

The Adventure Begins

Thaddeus' suit had seen better days. It was masterfully tailored, clearly of Brelish make. It fit beautiful and seamlessly over his breastplate, or at least it did. It now looked like he scaled the peaks of the Mror Holds, walked through the coastal forest of The Principalities, and survived an asassaination attempt in it. Mostly because he had. He carried with him a suitcase chained to his wrist. 

He arrived in Tantamar and immediately sought to recruit adventurers to keep him safe as he continued on his journey to Regalport. He found in a bar on the docks four such adventurers. A dwarven cleric who wanted the world to see the majesty of hockey and donuts, a half elf wizard who talked little but looked dangerous, a half orc fighter with a greatsword without much nuance but who was great at hitting things, and a warforged rogue who can't quite remember his name. This was not ideal but it was the best he could do. 

Thaddeus took his four companions and found a ship, The Blue Dolphin, to take to him Regalport. It would leave the next day, so the party went back to drinking. 

Two gnolls came into the bar and were enthralled by the tricks of a senile elf sorceror. The gnolls shot Thaddeus a side long glance and this was enough for the warforged to want to find out why. A fight ensued. Eight more gnolls came looking for a fight. They all seemed to be after Thaddeus. The senile elf was recruited into the party during the fray.

The gnolls were defeated and city watch broke the fight up before pockets could be checked. 

The party went on their way to Regalport. They arrived a week later in the bustling new metropolis. Thaddeus asked around about his uncle's business partner and a halfling in a glaringly obvious disguise by the name of Manuel d'Jorasco directed the party to where they needed to go.

They came to the new facility of Maxwell Short's Railroad Company and Maxwell filled them in on the events. Their factory in Karnath was burned down by the Emerald Claw because of, Maxwell surmised, unpaid protection money. He took his business to the Lhazaar Principalities and Regalport because of the lack of regulation and general government meddling. 

Maxwell had a plan. He would use his new invention of an arcane battery to develop a mass transit system. He would first develop a proof of concept in Regalport and then move into the larger market of Sharn. He recruited the party into his company.

There will be many trials and tribulations for Maxwell Short's Railroad Company to come: organized crime, competing business interests, imminent civil war, and whatever the Emerald Claw want to name a few. 

With the Adventuring Party's help and a bit of luck, they'll all make



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